Your Inner Wisdom

December 6, 2023

How does your inner wisdom inform you?

Often we look outside of ourselves for answers, inspiration, connection, for the way things ‘should’ be done, and trying to discover the unknown.

Yet, there is a lot that can go unnoticed from within. It was powerful to take some time on Saturday at Creating 2024, to explore the inner knowing, as it often can be a quiet whisper and goes unnoticed. When ignored can build, eventually shouting in various ways, illness, energy, habits, moods.

As humans we have so many different experiences, layers, wonderfulness that can be waiting to be revealed and released – not just what gets shown on the outside.

Taking time to ponder, wonder and acknowledge is so so important.

What a great day of connection, feeling, discovery, learning, hope and spending time on self to step into 2024.

One of my favourite things to do is curate creative content that brings explorations alive and helps lead a better life.

And the collective space, well that’s just something else! Thank you to everyone that said yes to themselves and gathered to share something pretty incredible on Saturday.