IGNITE Wellness

Motivating Teams  & Building Resillience

Experiential Seminars and individualised sessions to develop a positive culture 

Ignite Wellbeing Co seminars are for your team to reflect, develop and implement strategies for a healthy, happy, positive work environment.

Whether it be a one off, series or a regular program the interactive sessions are relevant to each individual offering space for self reflection and insight while also benefiting from colleagues experiences, input and reflection.

Themes include…


Managing Stress and your Mental Health


Maintaining Wellbeing


Implementing Self Care Strategies


Connecting as a team


Creating Balance

Ultimately you want to have an environment where staff feel supported and proactive with their own sense of self and role within the team. Whether your employees are busy, stressed, have had something big happen in life or are wanting to set goals, adapt to change and come together as a team, we can tailor a program just for you.

You spend so much of life at work, wouldn’t it be great if it was  a place where everyone was on the same page and were enthusiastically getting on with what you are there to achieve.

Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout

Interactive group sessions to educate, have time out, connect and be reminded of self care strategies.

Stress can take its toll and has an impact on you and your team and ultimately leads to absenteeism, illness, disconnection, lack of concentration, the list goes on – none of it being conducive to a motivated purpose filled day.

Our interactive workshops educate you and your most valuable resource so that you can be aware of your warning signs and most importantly implement strategies to ensure healthy happy team – it’s so much more than a list of concepts that you ‘should’ implement – the hands on interactive nature of our programs means that your team is reflecting on their own situation and coming up with practical actionable strategies to move forward.

Individual sessions to support your team. Employee Assistance Program

It goes without saying that content and happy employees make great workplaces and ultimately a more productive, positive environment. The reality is that your people may have things in their personal or professional life that may not be going so well. They need some extra support so that they can live life to their potential.

We provide a private confidential space for individuals to safely explore their situation and the behaviours that are impacting on motivation, productivity and cohesiveness. You want to support them the best you can and by providing space just for them, you are certainly doing that.

Depending on the circumstances we can do individual consultations or share time with a group of people to debrief, communicate, process and connect.

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