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About Ignite Wellbeing Co.

Established in 2011, Ignite Art Therapies had bit of an upgrade in 2021 to Ignite Wellbeing Co as it reflect the broader purpose of bringing awareness and providing space for you to explore what is happening for you. We are not an organisation that tells you what you should do or has generic frameworks where you need to fit into the box. We use hands-on experiences and creative explorations to empower you to get real about life and  dicsover what works for you moving forward.

Ignite Wellbeing Co aims to explore together to..

Develop the self-belief to overcome adversity in your life & empower yourself to thrive 

Ignite’s professional team can teach you to access your inner wisdom and develop your ability to overcome adversity, through self-belief. This can help you gain the clarity you need to move forward in your life – both personally & professionally – and empower you to thrive.

Grow the self-awareness you need to succeed

A diverse range of therapeutic mediums, developed by the Ignite team, can help you find new perspectives and grow the self-awareness you need to succeed.

Learn the skills to transition through all life’s stages, seamlessly

At Ignite we learn more about you, in a non-judgmental setting, to help you navigate through the realities of life with the aim for you to transition through all of life’s experiences.

Build resilience to foster a greater sense of wellness

The team at Ignite will take a journey with you, to understand your story, with no judgement– whilst guiding you to understand yourself better, gain new perspectives and foster wellness.

Reignite the motivation to create better relationships and be more focussed

The team at Ignite will expertly engage with you, to reignite your motivation and reinvigorate your zest for life. This can mean: better relationships, greater focus at work and more organisation.

“After growing up in country South Australia and hitting the ‘big smoke’ of Adelaide, I was lead on a path to be a leading art therapist and creative facilitator and am very passionate about creating workshops and individual sessions that are self reflective, inspire and motivate.”

You are welcome to attend our FREE online Creating Clarity Sessions held regularly!