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About IGNITE Wellbeing Co.

Established in 2011, Ignite Art Therapies had bit of an upgrade in 2021 to Ignite Wellbeing Co as it reflect the broader purpose of bringing awareness and providing space for you to explore what is happening for you.

We are not an organisation that tells you what you should do or has generic frameworks where you need to fit into the box. We use hands-on experiences and creative explorations to empower you to get real about life and  dicsover what works for you moving forward.

Our Approach

Have you ever sat in a room and had “death by PowerPoint” or felt like you were just talked at and told what to do – not fun is it. Maybe you don’t even relate to what is being said or connect with the inspirational do this, do that sort of inspirational lecture. Ignite Wellbeing Co’s creative explorations are relevant to you – you get hands on with what is happening in your world and gain insight into your situation not something that is generic, irrelevant or seems impossible to achieve.

It’s not about creating pretty art but it is reflecting on your situation, exploring how things are and taking steps to improve, fulfill and connect to what you want out of life. You know how it can be hard to find the words or your thinking is going round and round in circles – our creative explorations assist you to:


Release emotion


Go beyond the cognitive


Be reminded of self care strategies and actions to help wellbeing


See things differently and from new perspectives


Hold the big things safely


Get hands on and interact with your own story


It is certainly a different way to reflect and connect to what you need to do to live the life you want


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About Bel

Bel Ryan is a wellbeing speaker who specialises in using art therapy to minimise stress, reduce burnout and ignite your potential.

With a 20+ year career in art therapy, counselling, facilitation and mental health training, she is passionate about the power of using creativity to overcome adversity
in your life and empower yourself to thrive.

Her distinct fusion of creative and experiential approaches positions her uniquely working with organisations and individuals  to cultivate reflection, understanding, learning and insight.

Bel Ryan is fascinated by people, their stories, and how our experiences impact our lives. As a leading art therapist, counsellor, lecturer and director of Ignite Art Therapies, Bel is passionate about the power of using creativity to problem-solve, reflect, inspire and motivate.

Through her work and lived experiences, Bel has developed invaluable insights into grief, stress, vicarious trauma and mental health. She is driven by her belief in “keeping things real’ and is passionate about fostering self-care for individuals as well as within teams and organisations.

Bel has been designing and facilitating programs for over 20 years, working extensively with vulnerable people in settings from schools, to health, to workplaces, to paediatric palliative care. 

Most recently, Bel’s focus has been on providing a safe space for leaders to consider how they can best lead for the greater good. She believes that we all need a space to be real and acknowledge our experiences, so that we can break through our barriers and realise true success, abundance, confidence, freedom and purpose.

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