Why I do what I do

September 16, 2016

Yesterday, I went to a coffee catch up for business owners, when we were doing intros one of the ladies spoke completely from the heart about why she does what she does and it is safe to say we all teared up because it has so much meaning and purpose behind it. It got me thinking about how our own experiences can lead us in a particular direction and influence our purpose in life. That has certainly been the case for me.
I look back on my life and know that I was destined to be an art therapist but the absolute clincher for me was that during the time that my dad was sick with cancer and died a few weeks into boarding school, I just couldn’t express what was happening. People did ask sometimes but was met with hollowness as how can you describe the storm that has just swept through your life. No one really understood the isolation felt, the feeling of not fitting anywhere, the confusion that people now treated you differently or trying to put the puzzle pieces together when things just didn’t fit. I was completely shut down – yep there was some numbness or pretty intense feelings that were completely trapped inside. It was like being withdrawn so far inward that there was sense of nothingness, like the light had gone out and there was no way to let the silent scream out.
While this has shaped me, it also gives me an understanding that sometimes there is not always the words to describe what is happening. I also know that you can’t deny the reality of what you are experiencing and it needs a place to speak, to be seen and heard as in doing so you can learn how to navigate, let go, integrate or whatever needs to be done with it. The way that the art allows us to see, feel, experience is like a million words being spoken and parallels life in an extraordinary way by providing a space to purely express with the safety to ‘go there’ .
I want as many people as possible to experience this phenomenon as the art can take anything and is the perfect place to be angry, sad, frustrated, hopeful, dreamy, stuck, challenged, fearful, guilty, burdened, embarrassed and completely irrational. It is a place to speak without having to speak, feel beyond words and have a safe place to be honest and honour what is happening in life. I want others to know that there is this place is engaging in the art. And that’s why I do what I do.

Why do you do what you do?