When things don’t go to plan.

Ignite Life
December 3, 2015

to do listSo here was the plan for today….

Wake up early go for a walk, do some shopping, get Xmas card printed and so a placement review for work (yep, on my day off – naughty!) then go to the dentist and rush to the office to finalise a couple of reports that have been hanging over my head, plan for workshops on Saturday and Sunday, then get cracking on the website and promo for all the exciting things in the pipeline. Its exhausting just writing it.

And here is how it went…

Woke up late feeling pretty puffed out. Immediately scrapped the early morning walk.

Met the student to do placement review at a coffee shop – completed the paperwork – that felt great.

Went to the dentist and decided to have no numbing and that was great – can’t stand the feeling of afterwards. (would recommend this option when having root canal) It meant I could have a spontaneous lunch with friend I bumped into at the dentist.

Then I went for a stroll through the op shop for some goodies for the workshop – was great to take my time, even though some Van Gogh postcards got stolen from my pile before I bought them!

An hour walk on the beach and then another casual look through another op shop for some more supplies.

And you know what – its feels great.

I just needed to take the pedal of the metal and chill for a bit as now I have some energy to actually sit and do some work tonight. If I had pushed through this morning and tried to go,go,go I know that it would have been a real struggle, my brain would have been foggy and working against the grain. The cycle would have just continued for another few days and would be running on empty for a lot of the time and basically be no good to anyone, especially my clients.

But now because I took notice of what was happening, I am recalibrated, have energy and my mind feels clearer. I have a big day tomorrow at Palliative Care and know that I can hold the space like my client deserve when they are going through such big changes in their life. I know my passion will shine through at the Intro to Art therapy course that I am running on Saturday and I am really pumped for our self care altered book workshop on Sunday. I will be actually able to engage in some real conversation at the Xmas Party on Saturday night – that’s a massive bonus rather than tired, can’t be bothered mutism that was potentially going to hang around.

It’s like I have reappeared just from letting things go today and allowing the plans to change for the better. It’s a great reminder to push pause for a while as when we refuel it makes the busyness easier to handle – it also mean that things get done quicker without the fuss, barriers and struggle.

It is a timely reminder as it can be easy to get caught up in it all at this time of year.

Here’s hoping you find some time to just be, rather than have the crazy busy whirlwind happening in your world.

Til we chat again

Take care of you