Whats the point in hobbies.

April 7, 2019

Swimming with men
I went and saw this movie last night and boy did it surprise. It is filled with so many thought provoking messages with lots of humour too. I even had two ladies that I was walking out with invite me to have coffee with them – that was the impact of this story.

It was all about finding your place in the world. 

One character says that they are protesting against the meaningless of life through their secret swim club. Based on a true story, it’s no surprise that each of the characters has are disillusioned with life and it all feels a little mundane. The bonding through their male synchronised swimming team has them feeling connected, supported, entertained and valued with mate ship, creativity, mastery, reassurance and sense of community being a huge part of the charm of this movie.

It is a great reminder that there is a point in doing things for so much more than the competiion etc. It doesn’t have to be synchronised swimming it can be knitting, cooking, cycling, sport, book club, gardening, art – the point is that we can be part of something that gives to our lives beyond the activity itself. A reason to get together, connect with others and feel richer because of doing it. I have been thinking about new hobbies and wondering what have you done that has given you so more than the activity – hit me with your stories – I would love to hear what your pastimes have given to you. my feet and managed to get though.