What makes someone do this?

November 11, 2021

Our behaviours and actions communicate something and an experience today certainly had me thinking and contemplating a few things while getting this sticker off my back windscreen of my new car today.

I wonder what it takes for someone to go out of their way to buy or get stickers printed for moments when they see someone park wonkily like I apparently did today (they even had the other side of the sticker printed so you could see it in the read it in the rear view mirror)

What is happening in their life that dodgy parking has them react like this?

Have they thought that this is not done deliberately like they seem to insinuate?

Do they realise that we are all human and have they considered that people who don’t park well may have something else on their mind or something huge happening in their life.

What makes them want to shame, cause inconvenience and have a punishing tone with the ‘you will contemplate this while peeling this sticker off” when there are certainly other things in the world that in comparison deserve our attention.

Did they feel satisfied in putting this sticker on my car and what did it achieve for them?

Was it funny to them?

Did they think about the reaction of the person receiving this sticker?

While this was certainly inconvenient it was an opportunity to ponder the whole idea of what pushes our buttons and why we react to certain things. When we have a reaction with a strong charge it actually says a lot about us rather than the person we are projecting onto. It takes a lot of reflection and self awareness to own our stuff rather than react and blame another. Maybe we need to check in with people that are reacting so that they have an opportunity to look underneath the behaviour and what is really going on.

And while we all have a little bit of a$$hole in us, I do wish this person kindness and hope that they can have a look at why they react in such a strong way to unfortunate parking.  Is there something that needs to be acknowledged, healed or processed? I would love it if they discovered what is happening for them in these interactions as it is actually not about the parking – it speaks to something else in their being. I hope they find a way to let go of the intense reaction and  continue with kindness and  compassion along the way.

I am happy to offer them an exploration session if they are open to it.

And in case you are wondering, I am often a nice person too! and will be sure to get more diligent at parking the new car between the lines.