Unexpected Surprises!

July 30, 2017

This past weekend I had no plans except to stay in Melbourne with a friend after a conference – and so many unexpected things eventuated. Life can be so full of schedules, of appointments, meetings, busyness, just constantly moving onto the next thing that the contrast of having no plans was spectacular. Where were we going to be lead, what would we stumble across and how it was all going to pan out was certainly unknown. The luxury of seeing something and just going and having a look without any expectations lead us to some pretty incredible experiences with the usual shopping expeditions became pretty insignificant. Instead the food, culture, the art, music and exploring down laneways become something to relish in. To just be, hangout and see where the path lead.

The night before the conference, I wandered through the winter markets without a care in the world – just soaking up the interesting things to look at and the freedom to just go where my legs took me.

I thought I would be a loner at the two day workshop but walked in and was greeted by the friendly faces of some fellow lecturers and that lead to sharing expertise, lots of laughs, food and just appreciating each others company.

My friend arrived from the country and we wandered to a little laneway bar where the shipping containers formed a pretty cool atmosphere and time just flowed by – its was about catching up and just being present in the moment.

It was well worth the wait in the freezing cold to see street art in a derelict house about to be demolished. The art was fascinating with the scene being set to evoke a sense of mystery and awe. So unique and moments of soaking it in with our whole being rather than being obsessed with the perfect photo like we witnessed in others. It was incredible to appreciate such talent and the juxtaposition of creation and impermanence.

A quick google search and a projection festival was the next item on our flexible agenda. Witnessing the shapes, colours, shadows and images in various forms added more wonder. Before we became part of the display by being witnessed watching Virtual Reality short films – I have never experienced this before and is something that absolutely blew my mind . Through the lens was a world that I was part of – it was like we were in the environment where every turn had us truly immersed in the experience. It was incredible and very hard to describe what it was like.

The senses continued to be heightened when we spontaneously went to an unplugged session at the art gallery. Sitting in amongst the art work listening to acoustic music from Angie Hart was another pinch yourself moment. The sounds reached my soul and certainly one of those wondrous moments where nothing else mattered in that moment.

And I haven’t even talked about the smells of incredible food, listening to buskers, catching up with special people and the luxury of resting when we needed to.

Its not my intention to give you FOMO but a timely reminder to sometimes plan to have no plans. All of the art experiences did not cost us a cent but gave us so much nourishment and sense of wonder. The space to explore allowed the experience to unfold. The unexpected can bring inspiration, allow time to stand still and fill your life that can get lost in our busyness. It has certainly filled my cup and I need to ensure that I continue to explore and just see where the wind blows in my own home town, not just when I travel interstate.

How about you? What has filled your cup lately?