Things Aren’t Always What they Seem

October 10, 2016

Let have a chat about something really important – things arent always what they seem.

Often we see people that seem to have it all, the great lifestyle, wonderful partner, gorgeous house, kids that go to a really nice school, those that are getting rewarded for being great human beings… the list goes on.
But what is forgotten in these moments is that sometimes we are looking though one lens. What we don’t see is the reality that that person may have an internal battle going on – something I see expressed in sessions all the time.
We don’t see that all of their energy is taken up just getting out the door and having to ‘perform’ their roles and when they get home they curl up in a ball and want to be shut away from the world.
We don’t see the fear behind the scenes where they are frozen or feel like the whole world is caving in on them.
We don’t see the tears when someone makes a flippant ‘only joking’ comment about their success.
We forget to invite them to social events as they seem to have it all under control but they are really really lonely – even though they may have lots of people around them.
We don’t see the mental, emotional, spiritual struggle of how to balance it all out and make it work.
We see the energetic, giving person that is ever reliable yet behind the scenes it’s a very different story and they only wish someone would notice, care and help them find some charge in the batteries.
We are made for human contact and just because we see what they are up to through social media or hear that they are doing really well – maybe we need to actually find out for ourselves, in real life, in a real connected way.
Sometimes we only see part of the picture with one of the biggest shame about all this technology stuff is that we are looking externally at what everyone is up to, what else is happening in the world and forget to be present to what the actual person. Maybe we need to do is look around us, take notice and experience in a human to human way. How are people really doing?
How can we connect in real time, how do we show we care.
A phone call, a text, skype or a coffee can go a long way to helping that very person who craves real life connection, person to person.