They were really annoyed!

September 25, 2019

I had a client arrive today and they were pretty shitty and pissed off! It was obvious in their tone, their demeanour and the short responses were a dead giveaway. They got even more annoyed that I noticed. Rather than trying to appease, to calm them down and make it all better, the session unfolded with what was in the room. There are boundaries around safety but how often do you have a space where you can truly express what is happening – to go with it, express it and be validated in it. I often hear people say that they shouldn’t be angry, frustrated, sad, jealous or scared but these are natural feelings and left unexplored can fester and play out with destructive behaviours.
Life is the full spectrum and a space to sort through what is happening is so so important. Self reflection leads to understanding which then brings awareness to what is going on and how to deal with it when it arises again. You have a right to experience all emotions, even the not so ‘good’ ones and you might be a little surprised at what is playing out when we get to the root of what is going on.

What did we do?
The frustration went into the art – ripping, pounding, mixing. throwing, burning, sorting, transforming and externalising allowed it to be put somewhere and shift it. The person that walked out of my studio had a very different demeanour to the one that walked in.
Will they get angry again – yes most definitely. Will they have experiences that trigger them – yep, that too. But for today they were able to acknowledge, express, grieve, shift and move into a space where the frustration has been dealt with. Next time it arises the charge that was present today won’t be adding to the force as the pressure has been released rather than building up and exploding.

Let me know if you have something that needs some air time to release, transform and let go.