If the table could speak.

July 21, 2019

Last weekend I replaced the table in my studio. Boy has it done its job – it has taken a beating and after years of being flooded, pounded, coloured, glued, taped, dyed and drawn on, it was time to retire it as the surface had rubbed away and has holes all over it – bit like how life can feel sometimes!

This surface has held some big stuff and provided a solid space for what ever needed to unfold. It has seen the masks of ‘I have it all together’ come off and has sat with the vulnerability, the stress, the fragility of life.
I wonder what it would say if it could speak – come to think of it it would have so much confidential stuff, it couldn’t actually say much!

It has been part of expressing fears, anxieties, stress, disconnection, pain. sadness, the darkness, the excitement and the crazy ideas that seem out of reach.

It has held the contents to see possibilities, to make life changes, to gain confidence, take leaps of faith, change direction, dream and acknowledge what is really going on.

It has helped challenge the ‘shoulds’ or ‘have to’s’, assisted client see that they are a priority, transformed and broken through barriers, bought some colour to the darkness, assisted in making big decisions, let go of what no longer serves and supported new refreshing perspectives and outlooks.
It has held a trusting space for potential, for change, for telling stories and the important stuff that needed to be looked at.

So even though it is just a piece of furniture, its no wonder I felt a little sentimental taking it out of the studio. Its been part of so many explorations whether they be straight out expression or unexpected revelations, it has been a solid part of every person that has sat at it and has held the nurturing food/refreshments in the shared space of workshops.

It has been on one hell of a ride together but the time has come for the new surface to take the load – lets hope it is up for it! I know I am.