The Shared Wisdom

July 30, 2016

The wisdom

On Thursday, I finished a series of sessions with an art therapist overseas. This is a person that is well versed in journaling and using creative ways to assist others to step through life even though the past can be very present in certain behaviours. What this time has highlighted to me is the need for people in our lives that can help us reflect, shape, shift, learn and hold a mirror for us to see what we need to see. For me, it was about having someone who doesn’t know me in the real world so that there is no biases but most importantly having a safe space should there be something ‘big’ coming to the surface. It was a time of learning, exploration and I found a trusted mentor and teacher.

I have been fortunate to have many great teachers in my life and this experience has bought home for me that we need a sacred space to be vulnerable, to learn, to question and to be ‘us’ no matter what is happening. It is an unconditional space to be reflective, to challenge and surrender to what needs to be expressed but also bring awareness and to rise to our potential, the possibilities and connection to ourselves.

W all have an inner wisdom and knowing that is a guide to our life, we just sometimes need a space to access this place so that we can listen to that inner space, honour who you are and discover what you need to break through barriers and lead a fulfilling life.