Show and Tell… Paper, paper, paper

August 7, 2016

Paper, Paper, Paper

I thought I would do a quick show and tell to talk about paper and the way that it can have meaning and play out in an art therapy session.

For instance if we have a piece of paper like this and somebody decided not to draw on it, it could mean a number of different
things. It could be that their life feels like there’s nothing in it. It could be that they’re blank but also on the other hand it might be that it’s a clean slate or a blank canvas ready for something else. It’s about the space that’s there and having a look at the white space to create something else in their life.

But also a piece of paper can have significant meaning in as far as the texture. There is thick paper, thin paper, there is fragile, there’s big. there is small – all of those different things have different meanings. For instance, if an issues big you may use a massive piece of paper and then try and make it smaller. Or you might have a small piece of paper that you’re going in and trying to be more focused on one particular area.
The other thing that paper does and what happens in a session is that you can fold it to cover things up, to have things underneath, you can create windows in there, you can cut it, you can manipulate the paper to do and to signify something that’s happening
throughout the session.

Another thing is the color, different colors can have a different meaning people as well but also you can do things like rip things up so if there was something that needed to be dealt with in that way you could do that, you can pulp it and you can flood it, you
can bury it, you can do lots of different things with paper.

Another thing is if you’ve got a piece of paper and you want to screw it up, you might even throw it or make a paper plane or something like that.

A piece of paper can speak a thousand words, we use it in lots of different ways and you as the client will decide what you do with it.

That’s just some of the ideas in how a piece of paper can be used in Art Therapy.
It’s about the size, the texture, the shape or what you do with it..

Whether you put something on it or whether you dont, all of those things are significant and have meaning. That’s what happens in art therapy – it’s about the meaning and what you are exploring as you go.

The way we use paper is is just one of the many many ways that we can have a look at things.