This is what we have been up to at TEDx Adelaide

November 5, 2017

Ignite Art Therapies were thrilled to demonstrate art therapy at the TEDx Adelaide event on Thursday. The aim being bringing individuals together and connecting the TEDx community. I am not sure what you see when you look at the final piece (section pictured) but what is within it is far greater than what appears on the surface.

Within this ‘art’ there are lines shapes and colours that represent the individuals, either being deliberately chosen or making random marks, either way it is the ‘doing’ that is relevant. It was about being involved, giving something a go and contributing to the greater piece.

Something struck me as we started weaving the pieces together – it started to have a personality of its own as each strip of paper found its place. Some needed them alongside their friends, some couldn’t be just lined up, others needed to under and over the paper of others, some needed to be on the edge waiting for the rest to join them, while some had multiple directions with some just being suspended in randomly. Each choice of placement having its own meaning and significance.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter what the final product looks like – it’s the contribution that has importance. My observations of this piece is that it has many layers, different directions, varying angles, flexibility, structure, colour, space, connection, each person adding a little something to the whole. It was a highlight that the process was embraced so openly and was a great reminder that on our own it would have been a lone strip of paper but together the shapes were formed, the community weaved together and something was created through collaboration.

While this was a taster, it highlights that we can use art therapy to explore, express and connect. We tailor our processes to meet the need of organisations. As the end of year approaches it may be an opportune time to reflect on the year, connect the team, plan for the future or spend some time just looking out for ourselves. No matter what it is I would take great joy in creating something that works for you and your team. If you are a little curious, want to have an interactive activity for the team, please be in touch and we can make some really great insights happen.