I have had this song on repeat for a month

July 15, 2016

I have had this song on repeat for a month

Every now and then there is a song that I come across and cant stop listening to and one that I have had on repeat for the past month or so, certainly speaks volumes to me.

I don’t know whether it’s the stripped back soulful parts, the arrangement of so many different instruments that portray light and shade or the uplifting crescendo that has me drawn in. Then I listen to the lyric and it absulotyely starts to make sense why I am obsessed with this song.

To me, this song is all about embracing what life has to offer by seeking, exploring, learning, discovering, challenging to reach new possibilities and potential. It can be about embracing the fear but also being daring enough to dream and give things a go. I has made me reflect on those things that we experience on a daily basis that hold us back from ourselves. It’s the little voice in our heads that tells us that we are not worthy, the comparisonitis that engulfs us and has us feeling inadequate or the messages we receive about (realistic or perceived) expectations that we can never meet. These things become engrained messages that hold us back from reaching our potential. This song is about stepping through those elements and having moments of surprising yourself.

I could go on forever about how every line has significance for me (lyrics below) but it was watching a video clip that has me really thinking about taking steps toward becoming a better person by embracing our fears. The people in the video clip are embracing something they fear and in doing so they are stepping into something for themselves. When you watch it, you will see the trepidation, the nervous energy, the feeling of being stuck, frozen and needing to take some really deep breathes. But you also see the surprise, the relief, the joy, the laughter, the freedom and the ability to open up and shine through the fear. This action can have amazing translations into other areas of life and can truly be of benefit.

Take a moment to watch and listen to Jack Garratt ‘Surprise Yourself” and reflect upon those things that you may find a little tricky and what you can do to move through. Its all about surprising yourself. Maybe its being playful, colouring your hair another colour, public speaking, putting yourself first when you are always helping others, laughing at something you would normally get frustrated with, or just feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I guess it’s all about surprising yourself – you never know what may happen from there.


“Surprise Yourself”
Speak and open up your mind

It’s something you should do all the time

Keep exploring, seek and find

You know you might surprise yourself

Talk without a taint or hold

The doubts that should embrace your heart

The calm and chaos of your soul

You know you might surprise yourself

Take a pen and write this down

Draw something that can’t be found

And learn to walk again somehow

You know you might surprise yourself

Love her if you only knew

The times that train has fooled me too

And tears me from a place I know

It helps me to surprise myself

You know you can surprise yourself

So let go and surprise yourself