Something I have been wanting to do for ever!

March 25, 2017

Its my birthday on Monday and usually at this time of year I can feel the emotion building but some how it’s a little different this year. I would always have a weird energy around it –maybe its about what hasn’t happened on my life, unfulfilled dreams or a sadness of feeling out of place and alone in the world. Rationally I know that things aren’t actually like that, but there is something about the start of a new year living in this world to reflect and connect to who you are, your values and what makes a good life.

Working in Paediatric Palliative Care, I know too well that it is a privilege to be older and I love being the age I am but something is different in the build up to this birthday.

I am excited as I have been working on a project that connects to my curiosity of other peoples stories, lived experiences and essence of what makes them be the person they are. This has been on my mind for years to do but there were too many excuses, not enough time, technical disadvantage and a lot of fear in what will people think, its not being productive and who would want to see it anyway.

So many reasons not to do it but earlier this year attended a series of goal setting workshops and the little voice at the back of my mind started to speak, actually yell at me to do this even though I was doubtful, scared and it made no real sense to go ahead and do it. I often work with people on the inner child and taking notice of what their needs are, last year immersed myself in some more training and learned that the little girl (or boy) inside is really important and I needed to take notice way more than what I was. It can be scared, vulnerable and needs protection at times but it also has desire for fun and has needs of its own for survival, to feel alive and to connect to the world.

something that is being revealed on my birthday

something that is being revealed on my birthday

So here we are, another year older, taking the leap to create, to inspire, to be curious and wonder. I can’t wait to show you what has been created – all will be revealed on Sunday night.