Why this sign got me fired up!

June 25, 2017

I `m going to try not to get all grumpy pants about this but I was a little taken aback when I was with a friend strolling down a shopping strip and saw this on a shop front window. – “I want it all! Shopping is cheaper than a psychologist”.  I must say it got me a little fired up and was actually a little astounded that a designer store would actually say such a thing, considering their prices are lets just say out of the reality of most peoples experience.

Why did I get a little shirty?

The suggestion that you can compare a session with a psychologist (or art therapist, counsellor etc) with shopping is just ridiculous. I don’t know about you but a nice new shirt has never really helped me with the challenges of life – yes it may have me feeling good for a moment but it hasn’t helped me delve into the emotions that need to be expressed, process life events or challenged me to step through my fear.

It would be really simple if you could just go buy some clothes and that would help navigate this thing called life – don’t get me wrong I am all for having things that make you feel great and nourish you but where this goes all wrong is when we think the materialistic is somehow going to fulfil us in every way.  Focussing on the importance of buying things can actually avoid what needs to dealt with and give us a false sense of self – it goes wrong when we are of the opinion that wearing designer jeans means that someone is going to like us, that the dollar value of clothes equates to our own value or we are better as we have shopped at a certain store. This is not about whether you wear designer clothes or not, its about your own self worth and seeking help if you need it.

We have come a long way in educating and advocating for mental health and seeking support but this is a complete irresponsible comparison when you consider the tragic cost of those who feel there is no other option but to take their own life. We need to be encouraging people to seek help, in fact I think we should all see someone to reflect on our life.

This has got me wondering about the cost of things in our life such as the debilitating cost of stress. The fact that we can’t enjoy life when we are constantly worried, busy moving onto the next thing or feeling so wound up with no relief.  There is a cost not only to ourselves but everyone around us, it leads to disconnection, a lack of calm, questionable health and a ripple effect of tension.

What about the cost of anxiety, how it rips the life out of you and has you pulling out of life in fear with overwhelm over taking.

The cost to ourselves is huge when we are in a relationship that we don’t want to be in or is not life giving. Not to mention those the bullying that are constantly put down resulting in being a bundle of  nerves and feeling so trapped that every move that is made is full of fear, guilt and shame.

What about the cost of trauma in our lives, un treated can lead to extreme distress, aggression, destructive behaviour, no sleep and having a stand off with our real selves.

How about being addicted to something that removes you from your world, masks what is going on and builds walls to the real world. There is struggle to connect to anything else. How about when these ‘fixes’ cost – relationships, homes, family, children, a sense of self – they are all massive costs that are not measured in dollars.

It could be that you have massive dreams but they are shattered by being stuck in the mundane and not knowing how to break through the barriers to success.

Wandering through life can be really hard, it’s like you need to create a map to alleviate the numbness, discover the inner compass to find joy and taking steps toward the life that you want. I could be wrong but I am pretty sure that doesn’t happen by buying $1000 high heels (they are pretty hard to walk in anyway!)

The cost of life experiences are varied and certainly don’t even compare to the cost of buying some clothes.

Lets talk about the real cost of having therapy sessions.

I am not going to paint a pretty picture that says it is all roses as going into therapy takes courage. Working on yourself is a constant process and can be really hard work but when you reclaim your life – it’s worth it.

Imagine going from begin constantly distracted with events, stress, anxiety and addiction to coming into your life and experiencing fully the joys, the moments, life around us and feeling connected to those around you.

What about letting go of all the’ shoulds’ and actually being in the life that you want, not what others dictate for you. Imagine listening to your heart and taking action to make your vision a reality.

What about expressing grief, loss and adversity and finding a stronger, more empowered, confident, happy you.

How about discovering the light and the end of the tunnel and have it come closer to you. What about conquering the fear and doing it anyway, having quality relationships and experiencing all aspects of life. Now that’s something to invest in.

What is just a piece of marketing goes so much deeper than the superficial way it appears on the window– the price of therapy is immeasurable and one thing I know is that as the cost of not doing it can be a lot more.

What would you choose… $1000 high heels or investing in your life? I know what my answer is.