Not just about jumping in water fully clothed

January 7, 2019

Earlier this week I posted an image of me in the sea fully clothed!  It showed how much I have changed as once upon a time I would have been completely embarrassed and been a little paranoid about what others would think etc. Once upon a time I would have just sat on the beach and would missed out for fear of what it would look like – not anymore.

I was on a walk when my friends who I was staying with text me that they were going to the beach – I was nearby and rather than delaying going into the paradise that awaited us I met them on the beach. I stood in the water up to my knees and got a little wet and my friend and I were talking and gradually walking deeper and deeper. We were already wet so why not go the whole way – it was so tranquil (and a little cold) in the water, I had great company and it was glorious to soak up this amazing moment in time. It was about doing what I wanted and not missing out just because I didn’t have the ‘right’ gear with me.

How did I get to this point of not caring what it looked like so that I didn’t have to sit on the sidelines?

Lots and lots of self reflection, awareness and continual development. I sit in a pretty self reflective space being a therapist and personally I have a constant awareness of what I am experiencing and how I react to situations. This isn’t just about going into the water –  this type of thinking, behaviour and fear plays out in many different ways for all of us. And it can show up in the most peculiar ways. We aren’t always on top of mindset etc but taking time to reflect, connect, work through, challenge, dream has us stepping toward experiencing life as we want to.

I can’t believe that I may have missed out on this experience just because of what I was wearing.