No way to experience everyday

June 17, 2019

Today I was trying not to eavesdrop on a conversation happening on the next table in a café but the tone could not be missed.

One of them was speaking very calmly, listened and asked questions to try and understand.

The other was annoyed and everything that was said they blamed, had expectations of others and complained in a  ‘I am about to pop’ kinda way.

I sat there wondering what they needed, it seemed like everything had built up and it was all too much.

I hope that they have a space to release the pressure, to put their frustrations somewhere, to process the hurt, the annoyance,  anger and gain some insight into their own being.

Its important that they can express whatever is going on as it doesn’t have to be like that and could see that it would continue to eat them up.  

I wanted to hand them my business card but thought that maybe a tad rude. I truly hope they have a space to express this as its no way to experience everyday.