Light in the Darkness

September 29, 2016

As we brace ourselves here in South Australia for another huge storm it has been interesting observing reactions about having the whole state in a blackout. Yes, it is inconvenient and makes you realise how much we rely on electricity for so many things – cooking, washing, entertainment, to see… the list goes on  but it has also been curious to see people getting irate and needing someone to blame for such an event.

As I drove through the city to get home yesterday afternoon just as all of the traffic lights were out of order, the genuine concern and care taken from other motorists was brilliant.  I have loved seeing images of people connecting again across candlelit dinner, game of cards or just hanging out together. It is a reminder that sometimes things are just out of your control and need to be put on hold for a while. The most important thing of all having shelter from the storm. For me I am very grateful that we were able to leave work early to get home safe,  sure I didn’t have much food that I could eat, and there were things that I was supposed to be doing but I had a lovely ambient light, an opportunity to read for a while, rest and ponder life.  I had warmth, security and a knowing that I was safe and I know that is not a given for everyone. When I think it’s a little inconvenient, my mind goes to those that need shelter and are wet to the core. Also those working tirelessly out in the elements so that we can have power restored, safe roads, sandbags to hold back the water and are genuinely helping those in need. Lets be grateful for our own shelter, safety and realise that mother nature is one powerful force that might be just giving us a gift to realise what is important. Stay safe everyone.