Is the end of year pressure cooker about to blow?

December 5, 2018

Can you feel it?

When the decorations go up there is a certain something that comes into the air and I am not talking about the joy in childrens eyes, the excitement of Santa or the glorious Xmas catch ups but the pressure that starts to build at the end of the year.

There is a risk that we all go into ‘Ive gotta to get so much done’ and it is a heavy weight to carry.

It can be that we need to ensure the years goals and objectives have met, the pressure of ensuring all is wrapped up before we take leave or in some instances the uncertainty if whether there is security in the future. What about being torn between the chaos of workload, the enormity of Xmas preparations and the professional and personal pull of where to prioritise.

In the past week or so it has come to a head for some people and many sessions have centred around ‘I don’t know how I can do this anymore’ but not actually knowing how to change, to release the pressure and take the steps to change when there are so many practical considerations.

While it is very simple to say don’t stress, it will all work out and it won’t be like this forever – when you are experiencing this type of energy it is full of fear, anxiety, stuckness and unexplainable angst. Not to mention the impact of others stress around you – it can have them acting in defensive mode or withdrawing from connection, positivity and clear thinking.

If your pressure cooker is about to burst – I want to ask you what can you do to release some of the build up? How can you get through these next few weeks connected to what you love and doing things that fill you up rather than deplete. If you and your team need some space and time, please be in touch it has certainly helped those that have expressed what is happening – its like the safety valve!