How a Facebook Quiz impacted

March 13, 2019

Mmm this nearly caused a meltdown. And it wasn’t trying to find the answer. I don’t normally do these types of things but somehow this one hooked me in. After some brain power I came to my conclusion to the answer. My friend also commented that they got a different answer and we then concluded who knows what the actual answer is – job done.

To be honest I couldn’t care less about whether I was right or wrong in this situation as I work through some pretty big things with my clients and this is something that in the big scheme of life doesn’t have a bearing. It was all good UNTIL a person commented that NO you are wrong and then proceeded to justify their perspective on the situation with a very black and white approach. Yep there it is… I went to justify, to have them to see my perspective. I stopped my keyboard antics and sat back and reflected on what was happening for me as this represented something so much bigger than a quiz on facebook. No it wasn’t that I could be wrong, it wasn’t that someone else experienced it differently, it was the tone and definitely that they knew better – there was no chance to be heard or have a voice – something that has popped up continuously in my life.

This seemingly superficial brain teaser has highlighted how the small reactions can be indicative of something so much bigger. Being a visual person I saw something different in the last couple of lines – but also who says that I am reading it properly either. I guess it’s all about self awareness, perspective, reflecting on what buttons have been pushed and whether they need a closer look.