Getting out of a funk.

July 15, 2019

On one hand there has been wonderful creative curious things happening but on the other a funk has also reared it’s head lately. That’s life right? Holding the tension between light and dark but sometimes it all needs a place to be explored and looked at so that it can be understood and worked through. That’s exactly what I did today when I found myself staring into space avoiding what I need to do. I will also take it as a chance to share with you how this creative exploration stuff works.

I chose some soft pastels to get the foggy, confusing, cloudy, funky feelings out on the page. Surprise, Surprise there were grey and blacks but also coloured that were smudged into the image, Nothing was clear, it was dreary, undefined and somewhat trapped and mushed in together. A pretty valid representation on what is oozing away for me.

Instinctively I knew that I needed to rub it, to make some of it come off the page – that required my touch and some hard work (yep I am listening metaphor!) to lighten the colour. It needed a little more treatment to change it.

Enter the fire – it was time to burn it down to ashes. With each flame something shifted, changed, altered and was a little lighter.

There were now ashes from the page along with some pastel dust that were made into a paste. Its was like the remnants of the process were all in one place, where it can be in another form. As I sat with it and rubbed it through my hands I knew it was time for it to be let go, to be released, to go on its way. Turning the tap on, washing my hands of it and letting it all go was the final chapter for this confusing what ever it is.  

This wasn’t planned out, the art informed as it went and the meaning reveal itself along the way. While reflecting on what was happening, I was discovering, expressing and exploring what the art had to say for itself in relation to my life.  Some of it hasn’t even been named as it doesn’t have to be, that’s the beauty of creativity – it can describe the thing that you can’t find words for.

You could have the exact same feeling and start an image with soft pastels too but the paths that you take with your art will be vastly different to what happened here – you are an individual and on any given day your expression can play out in a myriad of different ways. The doing, the symbolism, metaphor, the reflection, the meaning all take shape in the experience. It is a wonderful way to explore, discover, connect, let go and transform.

Let me know if you would like to come and explore what is happening for you – the art has a way of connecting to you and together we discover how it reflects live and what you need to do with it.