‘A giraffe just needs to be a giraffe’

November 10, 2019

‘A giraffe just needs to be a giraffe’

This may seem like a random comment out of context but yesterday this message hit home when a participant in my workshop realised that the character they chose (the giraffe) had this powerful message.

Authenticity is a buzz word now a days but what does that actually mean in the reality of life?

It raises many questions including why you alter yourself to fit in with others. Are there real or imagined expectations about who you are and you feel the need to edit who you are in order to keep the peace and make others comfortable. The rules of how you should be, what you need to do with life, the pressure to be a certain way, holding different responsibilities and having to adjust to perform certain roles in this world can certainly have you on a different path.

While it may be exhausting it can also serve you – to feel part of something. Yet as time goes on if the way you are living life doesn’t align with who you are, you can feel completely misunderstood, invisible, the pressure builds and you are completely misaligned with your values which then leads to a path of isolation, feeling wrong and void that is very hard to explain.

So what do you do with this?

I am not sure there is a quick fix answer in how you be true to who you are – if you have the answer I would love you to share it with me. How do you come to accept all of you, the real you? It is an ongoing process of self awareness and sometimes that means the hard yards of working through expectations, life long messages and tapping into your own needs. Self love and self compassion are an ongoing process and in the end a giraffe needs to be a giraffe and stop trying to be something its not. Our differences are what makes this an interesting, curious, diverse place to be.