A Big Decision

December 28, 2017

Earlier this year I spoke about a calling, that sometimes you need to listen to that little voice that keep nagging for you to do something even thought rationally it makes no sense to do that. I went a little quiet on that front (believe me the voice got louder and louder) but behind the scenes there have been life changing decisions and taking a huge leap of faith.
I haven’t been able to tell you yet as there has been some interesting tests put in the way as to whether my decision was really what I wanted. It was also about not compromising art therapy for the future as well as respecting the people I have been working with. Even though all hasn’t been finalised, its time to have it all out in the open.
There have been numerous hours of pondering and wondering what the hell am I doing, but deep inside of me I know that its right. Its very hard to explain (maybe I need to describe via art therapy) but I need space to discover what is brewing, how I can further my ideas, empower people and spread the art therapy love.
After six years of working part time alongside my business it is time to be all in. I have had the honour of holding space for many people in Paediatric Palliative Care. I am deeply privileged to give time for people at one of the most vulnerable times and I am really sad to leave but it is time for new horizons and it is wonderful to leave while I still love what I do. I often use the description of this role being agonisingly beautiful, everyday I witness the rawness of love and hold space for the most sacred connections. Art therapy has held the pain, sadness, grief, fear, the past, the future, incredibly precious moments, created memories and most of all it has held the heart of young and old going through the agonising reality of life. I am very proud of how art therapy has made a difference and am waiting to pass the baton on to someone else who will learn, grow, expand, innovate and become a better person for doing this role. I know I am different to the person who started on 2011 because of the path that has been walked alongside some wonderful people that find themselves in a place that no one want to be in.
So as we launch into 2018, it’s a little (actually a lot) scary and exciting all at the same time. One thing for sure is that what ever is ahead I know that I will need your support to spread the word in what I am doing – I am not exactly sure what is will look like but I know that there is too much stress, chaos, busyness, disempowerment, burnout in this world not to mention the massive impact of life events. We all need time and space to reflect rather than carrying around this heavy baggage or being exhausted trying to keep the mask firmly attached. I believe it is paramount that we have a place to express what is really happening in a safe way rather than in destructive behaviours, addictions, regrettable communication or lack of connection.
Thank you for being on the path with me so far – there are a few more steps to take and I can’t wait to see what is around the corner, I know that Ignite Art Therapies can make a difference and its time to really make it happen. Please let me know if there are workplaces, individuals or groups that may need some time to explore what is really going on…
here we go…

if you would like to get into art therapy and live your spark in 2018, we have an exclusive workshop on Jan 13. Due to being off the radar for a couple of weeks with illness I have extended the early bird til the 1st of Jan.http://bit.ly/2BcMVL6 hope you can join us