70 Million views! What an impact.

June 25, 2018

Why this is sooo good and been watched over 70 million times on Facebook – no exaggeration, yes really 70million!

Carpool Karaoke is one of those clips that you watch with great interest and have bit of a chuckle but there was something pretty special about this one. In fact I couldn’t stop watching and got a little teary throughout and it would seem that I am not alone.

I actually am quite intrigued by the whole thing, in a world where we are looking through screens why did this video in particular capture the essence of human connection and get so much interest. I have been thinking about it way to much but here are a few ideas

1) Human connection. Now no matter how young or old the Beatles music has captured generations of us – their music is familiar and takes us to a place of being together, partying, reflecting or just sitting and pondering life. Their music has become part of our being and we are drawn into the lyrics, rhythm, melody and they are part of our life – without even realising it.

2) James Corden – what an absolute champion – great voice, sense of humour, bit of cheekiness thrown into the mix but most of all not afraid to be real. It is fabulous to see him show his emotions (and this isn’t the first time in carpool karaoke) and be truly touched by what is happening before him – this is what we are drawn to – authenticity, connection and truth. When so many of us spend time hiding these components, seeing him as he is and soaking up the moment is truly special. It also has us empathising, pondering how it relates to ourselves while giving permission to do the same.

3) The Stories – this isn’t only about hearing for Paul McCartney talk about how he and John just wrote a few songs in the lounge room that became turning points in their life. Or the impact of Let it be and the story attached to his family for James Corden. This is about the thousands of stories of being in a certain place or time and your story when the song is played. It’s first love, its standing in the pub belting out Hey Jude with strangers, it’s the song that remembers a loved one as it was played at their funeral or signing at the top of your lungs on a road trip with friends. It is all about moments in time – Beatles songs are a soundtrack to life and there are so many memories triggered from music that takes us back to that place.

4) Mystery – isnt it intriguing to see the person behind the songs, the stories that influence the creations as well as the impact that his presence has on people. Its like a peek into the person rather than the ‘celebrity’. Seeing a snippet of their life and how it all played out. It is mysterious that the music is timeless, had touched so many and continues to be a part of our society.

5) Moments in time – imagine being in that pub and having this experience where Paul McCartney plays live – a moment where you wouldn’t even be able to believe it. To be moved by the spontaneous wonderment of experiencing this before your eyes. A moment in time where you get lost by soaking up a once in a lifetime scenario. To be in that place at that time where incredible things happen is absolutely priceless. Its like the rest of the world doesn’t matter – it you and the moment. And this doesn’t have to be about Paul McCartney, there are moments in our lives where we are totally in that place and  fully absorb it. Moments that take our breathe away, have us completely in the moment and truly nourish our whole being.

There maybe other reasons why this has had so much attention, but it all comes down to experiences for ourselves and how we relate to it and consequently this moves us. Its like we are seeing a story that could be ours or relates to part of our own experiences.

And while this is all created for publicity, it is just wonderful in a time where we are seeking connection. I want to soak up the joy, the positivity, the wonder and the intrigue. Its all about giving you something and reaching the core, where life is lived and moments in time continue to be remembered.

If you haven’t seen it please have a look below…  and I would love to know what was evoked for you when you watched it – how did this impact you and what stories have come to the surface to be spoken about. It is definitely surprising how it has gone to the masses but is it any wonder considering the impact that the Beatles continue to have on our culture.