Women, Wisdom and Wellbeing

September 20, 2023

It was fabulous to travel to Berri to come together to share wellbeing tools, lived experience stories, expressing with scribbles and having a laugh as part of the Women’s, Wisdom and Wellbeing event.

It is incredible to MC this event and interview Leesa Scanlan as she shares her story in such a relatable way and has everyone on the edge of their seat. She explains that she is an everyday girl that lives with anxiety and a side of depression and she has done the work to integrate her strategies and is aware of her signs and what she needs to do when she can feel the anxiety taking over.

Other highlights include Rachel Soderstrom guiding everyone through some mindfull activities to ground and be in the moment. Together we all make a wellbeing wall with all our tips and Rach and I spend some time reminding everyone of their tools – someone even put sex on there this time – good for you in so many ways!

Cecilia Ronson finished the luncheon with a few humourous takes on the 10 steps to wellbeing, getting everyone to connect through laughter.

You could feel the community connection with the warm welcome, the open conversations, and realness leaving a mark.

Thank you to the team Rachel Soderstrom, Leesa Scanlan, Cecilia Ronson, Sharn Elder for working together so that we ensure that these important mental health conversations are had and remind women that they matter too. It is certainly a highlight in my calender –  you can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl!

These events wouldn’t happen without incredible support from Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation and all of the community sponsors that make it happen – Your Town Berri, Berri Hotel and the West End Community foundation.