Why Pipecleaner glasses?

June 30, 2023

Did you know that pipecleaner glasses help the rest of the world go on hold for a while and bring some fun, lightness and invigorating energy?

They were the perfect accessory for a mid year RESET session with a team on Friday. This is wellbeing in action – it is cold, dark, there’s been sickness, big stuff happening and mid year equals exhausted tired. They played, connected, laughed, got a little competitive, were in the moment and took a breath away from work to energise and have some light-hearted connection.

Valuable time together so that they can continue to care, be present and deliver exceptional service to their clients. These goals were created with leaders and from the themes of monthly check in’s – no cookie cutter here, adapting to what’s needed.

It gives me tingles thinking of how supporting staff wellbeing on many levels – not just the deep, self reflection or clinical (thats great too)- its about seeing each other’s as human, being safe enough to share life, and working together to create a workplace where everyone wants to be there.

Thank you to those organisations, teams and individuals that trust me with your humanness, it is wonderful to walk alongside you to discover possibilities, live your purpose and navigate all the things.