What’s with the bag?

Ignite Life
August 31, 2015

baggageI shared one of my favourite stories in a workshop on Friday night “the huge bag of worries’ and then on Saturday night there was a lot of releasing into the bonfire by burning the things that hold us back from living the life we desire.

Bit of a timely theme as winter draws to a close and we step into the season of new growth.

It has got me thinking about what we are ‘carrying’ around with us and how that interacts with our daily lives.

Let’s imagine that we all have a bag that we carry around with us and it contains all the thing that weigh us down and prevents us from being in action or being the best version of yourself. Or maybe it’s a bag full of tools for survival in this complicated world.

Whatever it is, maybe spend some time pondering what is in your bag…

What type of bag is it?

How heavy and how large/small?

When did those things get there?

Are there any positives in its presence?

What purpose does it serve?

Are you carrying it on your own?

or do you have a matching bag somewhere else?

Is there someone else’s crap inside?

Why do you have this baggage at all?

How did it get there?

So many questions and so many varied answers to this question, some not even able to be answered. What I experience many times over in the workshops (this weekend included) and in individual sessions is that sometimes we need to just get in there and take a look at the baggage so that we can understand its contents and make decisions on how we travel from there.

What needs to stay, what needs to go, what needs to be given back to someone else and what just needs to be sent packing?

We all have enormous possibilities within us, yes there is big or little accumulative things that happen in life that can put some massive loads in our cases. By having a closer look at those things and understanding them, we can then truly move into something else. We don’t need to be dictated by our past that is playing out in the present, we can step into a different future when we understand those things that have us carrying a heavy load, as the bag becomes lighter when it is unpacked.

It was amazing to witness so many people over the weekend getting to know the contents of their bag and taking steps by cutting, ditching, burning, trapping, giving away, transforming, renewing, cleansing and understanding those things that no longer serve them. Art therapy certainly walked the path and helped to lighten the load. I wonder how you can do that for yourself.

Would love to hear from you about how you bag is going and be in touch if you think you need to lighten the load.

Til our paths cross again, take care of you