What’s in a name?

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May 30, 2024

When I saw this it reminded me of a colleague who would very upset for me when ever this happened.

They would always comment don’t they know your full name is Belinda so it’s B-E-L. It doesn’t have a big impact on my world whether my name gets spelled correctly or not, and it was quite nice that she cared so much about me being properly acknowledged. Back when I worked with little people often we connected as they liked Belle from Beauty and The Beast, so lucky we didn’t spell it out.

I often get called Mel or Bec – a colleague and I at CanTeen would answer to each other’s name on camps, and this got me wondering what interesting spelling or names you get called, even though it’s not your actual name. I would love to hear your stories.

This made me smile as it reminded me of this person and I was always curious as why it pushed a button.

Whether it’s Bel, Bell, Belle, Mel or Bec or some other random name, I am looking forward to being on the Limestone coast to share and support the incredible work that the Suicide Prevention Networks are doing for the community.

Please come and say Hi in Millicent on the 14th of June.

2024 Limestone Coast Regional Wellbeing Expo