What does a jar of marbles and cotton wool have to do with anything?

February 2, 2024

Last week, I had a few brainstorming sessions in how to make trainings, talks and programs more engaging.

The power of sitting in space with another person being curious and looking outside of the way that it has been done is certainly beneficial. The collective think and drawing on each others expertise goes beyond what is going round and round your head. 

And in my studio there is inspiration everywhere – like a jar filled with cotton wool and marbles. This metaphor will help participants in relationship workshop learn about love and resentment. The facilitator could easily just tell them about the concept but it is so much more engaging to get participants interact with the concepts rather than talking at them – especially when it is a two day training. And the actions of the exercise along with the textures, sounds, mirror, experience, shapes, colours, symbolic action integrate learning in a different wat.

We came up with some other interactive exercises to ensure there is variety and that the learning is received. 

I can’t wait to see how this goes in practice. We will debrief, refine and look at the program again to see how to best make the training fun, interactive and relevant.

Let me know if you would like to have a whiteboard session to refine your training or workshop, I love the creative process of tapping into the possibilities and developing something where participants participate. Engagement with the content is the key, rather than death by PowerPoint or it being a one way interaction. 

Getting people involved means that they are listening, part of the conversation and not being distracted with other things.