To be seen, heard, acknowledged is the ultimate gift. 

Professional Development
February 8, 2024

I smiled when the CEO kept saying this to me through the workshop yesterday, especially after a few challenging years.

“I can’t believe it, look what’s happening – it’s unbelievable” 

The team had an opportunity to acknowledge how they are and release it – when we hold it all in it comes out in other ways. I was so pleased when I heard the sharing of some of the behaviours that indicate that they may need some extra care and support. 

It was time to reset and be reminded of their strategies for their own wellbeing especially when they are constantly giving to others.

I wish I could describe the energy of when we did a ‘I appreciate you’ activity. Giving and receiving genuine positive feedback is remarkable for connecting and gives you a boost. It easy to forget the light in amongst the dark and the shift in energy was palpable.

Recognising their purpose and what they bring to the team certainly created space to continue to do the valuable work they do for the community. They also knew that everyone plays an important part in the organisation.

When asked what is next?, there was an overwhelming want for more connection between teams, to have fun together and to move forward with positivity and hope.

A wonderful day indeed, that reminded me of why I do what I do – to be seen, heard, acknowledged is the ultimate gift. 

Thank you to Kate Russell and The Huddle team for providing opportunities for creative inquiry to do its best work.