These are more than postcards

Professional Development
December 8, 2023

‘Wow, I am super impressed with what they talked about and how open they were” was a comment made from an executive leader after we used picture cards to hear from the team about where they are at after a challenging few years.

This not just a pile of postcards – it is rich content that is reflective, sets the scene and settles people into the space to share their perspectives in a safe way.

This breaks through and opens real conversations that may be hard to articulate or are hesitant to discuss with talking around the table. It set the scene to acknowledge, be seen, heard which then lays the foundations for where the focus needs to be.

We then extended the process with creative inquiry into what they saw as the priorities moving forward. Now we have an idea of where to head in the future and how they can work together to create change. I am looking forward to walking with this team to break down barriers, reduce overwhelm and creating flow so that they can celebrate the incredible work that they are doing instead of getting stuck in the weeds.