The patterns of life

Ignite Life
February 2, 2014

Ignite Life this week is inspired by an amazing landscape artist Andre Amador. As can be seen from the attached article he makes the most breathtaking art by raking patterns in the sand. He knows that it will be temporary and says that it is more about the process than the end product – the same philosophy of art therapy.

Andres art on the beach reminds me not only of some art therapy tools but also a time in my life where patterns, a marker and an envelope were invaluable. When I was nine our family changed forever as my dad was diagnosed with cancer. We were from the country, so this meant lengthy stays in Adelaide or weeks apart from the rest of my family due to me staying at home for school. Obviously I was quite young and didn’t fully understand the extent of what was going on but the marker and envelope gave me a space to block out the world when feeling vulnerable or when I needed to pass the time. I used to sit for hours and draw doodles, my grandmother wasn’t too pleased as she could never find an envelope without these markings on it (the days of snail mail!), but the repetitive patterns were very meditative and got helped me through a difficult time. In fact I still do this type of doodling when I feel a bit out of sorts or need to focus elsewhere – as pictured, my lecture notes have these all over them. I can tell when a topic may have touched one of those emotional triggers (I studied counselling and art therapy so this was a given) or I was feeling a bit bored and needed something to focus on as the patterns are spread across the page. To this day, doodling provides me with a space that calms and centres me. It is amazing how something so simple can help so much.

Throughout the week I will post some information on the structured doodling technique called Zentangle or Zendoodling, but what I would love is for you to take a sharpie or a pen and a post it note and spend some time throughout the day just zoning out drawing patterns to relax and just being in the moment. We can have a doodlefest this week!

I would love to hear about your experience and see some pics posted here. It will be fantastic to spread the post it note doodling love throughout your office or workplace, even do it with your kids.

I cant wait to see everyones post it note art! If you need a reason to do it, there are studies that say that you retain more information when you doodle.

stay tuned for more doodling fun during the week