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July 19, 2015
School Pic 1988

School Pic 1988

I had a big, big, big week this week and a couple of colleagues and I went to have a few debrief lemonades after work on Friday night. It was great to let off some steam and transition from work into ‘you have a life’ mode.

I was so excited that I bumped into one of my most influential teachers. I’ve talked before about the fact that there are many teachers in life but this was a serendipitous moment to remind me about how life has turned out. It is like she popped up to remind me of something. Reflecting upon why she was so influential, it was because she was real. My highest value.

I remember that she acknowledged that Dad died straight up, she was understanding yet still had some normality about it – a very hard balance sometimes. She pushed me to be better and was ok with me being shy, withdrawn and quiet. She knew that I felt out of place in this foreign world but had complete acceptance and encouraged quietly from the sidelines. She was my teacher but her presence was so much more than that. I felt safe in her lessons and it was the little things that counted. She saw me, she acknowledged me and helped me without having to talk or making a big deal of things. It was about being present to who I am, and providing a space where I could connect with my strengths rather than all of the crappy things. But most of all it was about being real in a world that seemed so unreal.

Sitting here writing this I surprisingly feel very emotional about this. Isn’t it amazing that I met her in 1988 and the way she made me feel is engraved in my being. I had never really connected how safe she made me feel and how that is exactly what I strive to do for my clients. Provide a safe space, to be who they are, to be seen, acknowledged and unconditionally real. What a wonderful gift she has given me and something that I will continue to live out every day. I am so happy I had the chance to tell her that.

I wonder what things are still with you from some of your teachers – lets take some time to reflect on their influence, we would love to hear some of your stories.

til we chat again, take care of you



Just in case you are wondering, yes this picture is me in 1988, if only I knew then what I know now. It all has lead to something brilliant but geez I would never go back there!