The fire I love…

Ignite Life
August 16, 2015

FireIt might be a little obvious but just in case you missed it I love the symbol of fire – hence the name Ignite Art therapies. Its not just because it’s a wonderful metaphor that represents warmth, light, letting go, light, connection, fear, passion, reflection and growth – it is so so much more personal to me so I thought I would share a bit about it.

I grew up in country South Australia on a farm that had big skys, green grass, wondrous gum tress and beautiful open spaces. Each afternoon we would be out on the farm and as the cold south east air would set in there would be respite inside in front of the open fire – it was in the lounge room, the place where we would sit as a family. I still get all warm and fuzzy when I think about those days where you were caught out in the rain and soaked to the core. Coming back to the farm house and having a hot bath and sitting by the fire to warm the soul was something else. The flames would flicker, the heat radiating out and making you feel safe from the outside world. It was a cosy sanctuary in front of that fire.

I also recall that every Sunday night we would sit in our PJ’s getting our hair brushed and watching Disney. It was time of innocence, feeling connected and secure in the fact that you were warm. Oh the memories!

Often, my cousins (and older siblings when they were home from boarding school) would come out to the farm and we would freely rode the motorbike out to the paddock and find a spot to light a fire. We would have a barbeque on the coals with Damper in the camp oven and we would enjoy the day where nothing else in the world mattered – it was simple, full of adventure and we were completely free. Sometimes the family would come and find us in the afternoon and share the fire with us. Our grandparent even drove about 50kms a few times. It was where we connected without focusing on the sickness, the worry or anything else that was going on. Stories were told, food shared, and true connection occurred, all on the land that was our livelihood and sanctuary. I love those moments in time, apparently we did this a lot before I can remember so I think its engrained in me somewhere and that’s why this type of fire gives me the sense of being home and feeling safe and secure about life.

As a small country town, often there would be a bonfire at celebrations. They were pretty huge, and I remember the whole town coming together for an occasion. It is one of those things that just connects to that place in your heart where people come together and be with one another. Living in the open space gave us the opportunity to have a lot of fires but I guess what it really symbolises is community – that place to gather and bond with each other. It could be anything from the football, to a 21st, an arts festival or a shearing shed party. Whatever the occasion, the fire warmed the cold air and provided a place for connection and feeling part of something.

While I talk about this in an idealistic, dreamlike, it’s all so wonderful sentimental way, I am not talking about the threat that fire also has. That is a completely different scenario and am also fully aware of the impact of bushfires and the reality of it being threatening, angry and destructive. This is not the space to chat about this further but important to acknowledge that when out of control it is a different story all together.

Fire is a symbol for life and has many elements to it. The open fire that I sit around is so much more than a fire. Its about feeling safe, its having time to reflect, to feel the genuine warming of the soul, its about shared experiences, the sense of belonging, community and a real sense of being at home.


In a couple of weeks you will have the chance to be a round an Ignite bonfire here in Adelaide, including a workshop where we can let go of the things that need to be released so we can step into spring with a life full of joy, love, happiness and freedom. We are really looking forward to having you with us, and can’t wait to get the fire started.

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Would love to her your stories of things that make your heart feel warm,

Til our paths cross again, take care of you