The Ball Pit of Life

Metaphor of the Week
May 20, 2024

I love sharing the analogy of the ball pit of life to get participants to reflect on what they are carrying and their experience of holding lots of tasks, responsibilities, expectations and life.

Fantastic to have engagement and interactive participation as part of the closing keynote at Strata Community Association SA/NT conference last week.

What you can see here is that it’s not easy to hold so many things at once, some things get dropped, while others get thrown and knock others out of your hands. So many metaphors questioning what balls are you holding that need to be put down, shared, given to someone else or aren’t even yours to hold. And what balls are more precious that need your attention.

I hear so many stories where the load is too much and having a big impact on quality of life.

How is your ball pit going? Let me know if you would like some help to prevent it being overloaded or being lost in how to manage all the balls.