Teaching Life

Ignite Life
July 19, 2014

Yesterday I went and saw the movie Words and Pictures I was expecting it to be a pretty straight forward affair where I could sit here and write about the battle between words and pictures but surprisingly there are a few more angles that I could take.

I am going to explore some of the concepts during this week but the one thing that sticks in my mind is the power of passionate people and what they teach others. In this movie the passion from both sides of the fence sparked an interest and gave the students an opportunity to embrace learning by thinking outside of the norm. It’s that passionate energy that ripples into knowledge and has ‘students’ wanting more. I am not just talking about the classroom but life in general. Sometimes It’s another person that sees something in us that we are yet to discover or find it too hard to believe That special teacher is able to push and not take satisfactory as the answer but strives for us to see the possibilities and to reach further.

I have been very lucky in my life to have a number of people that have influenced me and taught me great things. They implanted something in me that allowed me to take steps toward finding my own way. It wasn’t just about their knowledge but the person that they are and their ability to push me to develop further than I thought possible. I am very thankful that I have crossed paths with these people and that they gifted me in different ways.

Another factor here is being able to accept these gifts and soak up what wants to be learned. Each piece builds on another and then it becomes a part of you, eventually those thing that seemed impossible are in existence and are fully realised. We all have a potential beyond what we see and I hope that we can all understand that we learn from others around us all the time. Rather than being jealous of someone that has the knowledge, or feeling inferior as you don’t know it all (noone does by the way!) I wonder what it would be like if we took it as an experience to learn. Whether it be hitting the books, learning a new skill, in business, at work, home or in relationships – seek those that ooze passion, the ones with sparks in their eyes when they talk about what they love. Those people that believe that anything is possible and keep striving for more and challenge you to do the same. They are the people we all need to be around as they can show us a path to reach our own potential, I am not saying its easy, but it’s possible.

Let’s make this a week of learning and teaching.

Have a good one