Tammy Edwards shares her experience with Art Therapy

February 28, 2024

An absolute pleasure to facilitate with Gary Edwards CSP – The Influence Coach yesterday at University of Adelaide.

While I was there to add some of my perspectives and share some creative inquiry what I learned was invaluable too.

It can often feel quite isolated being a solo operator and I was reminded of the importance of collaboration, learning from someone in action, that our differences compliment one another and sharing space together is wonderful. The stories, connection and Gary’s genuine passion for sharing knowledge through many techniques was something incredible to witness.

Oh and then there’s the content – absolute gold. The participants found it so beneficial to have techniques to communicate through conflict.

Not a PowerPoint in sight, and a mutual love for stationary made for an enriching experience.

This may look like a mess to some, but this was life changing for me.

Back when I was making the decision to sell my business, I was torn between the loyalty to my team, and pursuing my dreams and vision to sell and semi-retire so I could spend more time with my family and pursue my coaching career. My head was in a mess.

We had an art therapist in Tammy’s Table at the time, so I decided to open my mind to the possibility of getting clarity in a way that was completely different to what I would normally do.

This picture shows the result from my session.

In the centre is an island with me and my team in it and the red lines reflect me wanting to get off the island so I could spend more time in other areas of my life.

Bel (the art therapist) counselled me through the session and asked many questions while I created this. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt after the session.

The very next day I called a meeting with my manager and let her know of my plans to sell. She was incredibly supportive and understanding, and helped me navigate how I was going to tell the rest of the team. The rest is history.

The moral of this post is to be open to trying new ways to clear your head and move forward. You have to find what works for you. Whether it’s a coach, a therapist, a friend, or a creative outlet. We are so lucky to have so much available to us to try.

Art therapy helped me close a chapter and I’m so glad I opened my mind enough to give it a go. I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again if needed. 🧡

thanks to Tammy Edwards for these words