Stripping it back!

Ignite Life
July 7, 2014

We have chatted in Ignite Life before about the power of music and how a songs can speak to us and have meaning on so many levels. Every now and then you come across a song that you can help but have it one repeat. I have recently found one that fits into the reflective ‘I need to play it again’ zone.

Sam Smith has one of those voices that draws you in. He has a little soulful something that feels very vulnerable and beautiful all at the same time. I have been listening to his song ‘stay with me ‘ constantly and last week came across his cover of Whitney Houstons ‘how will I know’ and lets just say it has had bit work out ever since.

I have wondered why I have become a little obsessed with this version. Is it that I relate to the lyric – that feeling of questioning something that you want so much yet it scares the crap out of you.. Is it that Sam’s tone and connection to the song agonisingly cut to the core, maybe this song captures the vulnerability that I experienced last week. Whatever it is, I love this and encourage you to have a listen.

I am a big fan of acoustic music as it strips everything back, its like you are getting to the essense of the song. Don’t get me wrong I love big band, its just that the simplicity brings something else. It’s a bit like life really, when we sit back and reflect without all the ‘noise’ we connect to a part of ourselves (or the song)

When people do covers, it is like you see the song from a different perspective – a little like doing art therapy really. You hear or see things differently and can get further meaning from it. Even if you don’t like the new version, it makes you reflect upon what you like about the original and the meaning it has for you.

So this week, I am going to share some of my favourite covers and acoustic songs and encourage you to let me know what you think or even post some links on the wall so we can all have a look. I wonder what these songs will evoke, whether you will hear them differently or the meaning changes for you.

Let have a great week, sharing music, stripping life back and looking from another point of view.

What do you think of this cover?