Skills of the craze.

Ignite Life
April 28, 2014

loom bandsI am really excited to have my first guest Ignite Lifer this week and the best thing is that she 10 years old. I have hung out with lots of children in that past couple of weeks and noticed that they have been immersed in the loom band craze. There are lots of benefits to this activity so I asked Ruby jot down why this is such a good thing to do…

“I love loom bands because it’s fun, fab and creative.

When I make loom band creations I feel relaxed and carefree.

I forget all worries and concerns and the bad things I can’t do anything about in the world.

I find it fun to create simple but pretty bracelets out of a dozen small rubber bands

It is a great time to bond with friends and share your creations with others.

It is a great chance to make friends that will be friends for ever.

If you are looking for a great loom then the sunshine loom by friendly bandz. I love this loom because this loom is in a circular shape, unlike other looms and allows you to make longer bracelets and necklaces. It also has sizes painted in the board so that you can get the right size. It is sturdy and has holes in the middle to store your bands and the there is a clip on lid”

How good is that! Ruby came up with this all by herself and I haven’t edited anything. Thank you Ruby for giving us a little insight into what looms bands give to the creator.

I have witnessed many special moments with these little creations. I have seen children sit together and teach one another how to create certain designs. Ruby has shown great perseverance in working out how to create the more advanced bands and she has nailed it. It is also an activity that is meditative – focusing on something that is rhythmic in nature and zoning out the rest of the world. Technology is insignificant when they are using their hands to create their bands. I love the fact that they take pride in their designs and presents an opportunity to give them to others as a sign of friendship and appreciation. One young girl at a festival I was at even gave one to the artist mid song. Many of these skills are transferable to other areas of life – persistence, creating, designing, collaboration, relaxing, building something from scratch and sharing are all great aspects to take into life.

So when you have tiny little bands all over the house or your kids are not listening because they are obsessed with their loom remember that they are getting some sort of benefit from making these creations.

 Ignite life this week will focus on some of those crazes that we have all been part of – surely they had some sort of benefit! any suggestions are very welcome.

Have a fabulous creative week.