Shining Brightly

Ignite Life
May 18, 2014

Two topics that I am chatting about this week may seem like they are on opposite end of the spectrum but trust me, there is a common thread.

Something I have been pondering is when we put people on a massive pedestal that it can be detrimental to us. It may seem like something that is positive but the reason why we do it can be very complicated. Don’t get me wrong it is great to have people that we respect and admire but it is when we take it to the extreme and put someone in a god like position is when it become self-sabotaging. This is not just about celebrity but everyday people around us.

When we put people in a space higher than ourselves, they become so wonderful that we can make ourselves fell inadequate. Comments ‘they are so so so amazing’ we can see what they are achieving as being unachievable for ourselves. The inner dialogue and comparintis can get out of control. Consequently we become disempowered and have a lack of confidence in our own ability.

This lack of confidence can also come from another outside source – when we listen to others that have a chronic case of Tall Poppy syndrome.   This is where people feel threatened from anothers success and constantly question to trip them up or maybe they spread untrue rumours or take every opportunity to put them down The thing is that it says more about the person firing the bullets than the person it is directed at. This being said, it is hard to shield yourself from this negativity and can make us shrink to avoid this happening over and over.

So what do we do with this?

Both of these scenarios are similar in as far as stopping ourselves having trust in ourselves to be successful. We can be frozen by worrying about what others think, not living up to those we have on a pedestal, feeling like we don’t deserve what we want or projecting our fear onto others that comes out as jealousy. All of these things keep us small and we can change that.

The thing is we all have the ability to shine brightly and to be the best version of ourselves. And that has nothing to do with other people. It is comes from within and its about being ourselves – only we can do that. We need to be conscious of not putting out our own fire out by taking notice of the Poppy loppers or putting others on a pedestal so that they are the spotlight instead of our own light shining. It isn’t about being perfect but being true to yourself and taking action for your own fire to burn brightly.

Isnt this something to aim for – to value yourself and let the fire burn within.


Have a great week