Shaping who we are

Ignite Life
June 24, 2014

Monday morning was just like another morning but for my brother something extraordinary was about to happen. It is his story so I wont go into detail here but he saved someones life. Having to call for an ambulance and perform CPR (with the help of a passer by) bringing a young man back to life is quite extraordinary.

It is events like this that are life changing, not only for the person being helped but for the strangers whose paths crossed at that particular moment in time. I am extremely proud of what my brother did and have been reflecting on about how being in a certain place at a certain time can change life forever.

Something changes within having been through such an unbelievable experience. Life is full of life changing events and I think that sometimes there is a greater gift at play. Time and time again you see tragedies bringing the best out in people with sense of community and unconditionally helping fellow man (or woman) bringing a connection that is very hard to explain.

We sometimes don’t realise what we are capable of until we are put in a certain situation or have some life changing event happen to us. It can be overwhelming to think about and I am not saying that big things happening in our life are not full of heartache, emotions or leave us feeling vulnerable. What I am talking about is the human spirit shining through, that real connection to life and the way that events shape us.

So for this week s Ignite Life it would be great if we could all reflect upon our life and look at the gifts that have come through adversity. Not to dismiss the things that are still difficult but to reflect upon how life events shape our lives and make us the person we are today. Sometimes we need a little help to work out our feelings about the situation and that’s ok. It is good to spend time reflecting on what it means for us as life constantly unfolds – that’s what so special about the work that I do, giving people a space to reflect upon lifes events and find meaning in their life.

I would love to hear your thoughts on lifes unexpected gifts and wishing you a week of refecltive moments