Putting your own oxygen mask on first with AHRI

Ignite Life
April 8, 2023

When asked about the challenges in your role ‘Making sure I support my team, my clients, my family and then there’s no time for me’ ‘feeling like nothing can be finished’ ‘Lack of support and clarity from other departments’ ‘Under resourced Conflicting priorities, Company dynamics and systemic issues’ and ‘Challenging and influencing leaders’ were some of the comments made.

This highlights the importance of pushing pause for a while and reflecting on how you are and what is happening for you, especially when you spend so much time giving to so many like people in HR do. We had a wonderful morning yesterday ‘Putting on your own oxygen mask’ with Australian HR Institute (AHRI) SA Network Forum.

Thanks to Moore Australia, Michelle T Holland, Leanne Carr, Melissa Ciplys (CPHR, CIECL) and new committee member Janette Cheesman for creating the space to share, connect, laugh, express and renergise.