Once Upon a time

Ignite Life
November 17, 2014

Ignite Life is a little late this week and I skipped last week as I have been away. I was attending a conference in Melbourne and took the opportunity to snuck there a few days early to meet up with some friends and geez it was great.

I seem to just keep rolling along working and forget to take some time out. I loved that we could go shopping without any pressure to be anywhere. And to spontaneously have a drink or a bite to eat. One of the highlights was going to the stage musical Once. It was pretty special as we got to stand on stage and have a bevvie. It was something truly special, one of those moments that you had to absorb as we weren’t allowed to take photos but that didn’t matter as we took the time to soak it all up and experience the wonder of being on stage.

Those of you that know me know that I am not an overly emotional person but this got me. I don’t know what it was about the last part of the story but I was a blubbering mess. I think it may have been the storyline of painfully heartbreaking wishes or the amazing music but holy moly I didn’t expect to have a reaction like that. It’s like there is something that reflects life and touches something inside. It’s a bit fat mirror that says Hello! something to look at here or an appropriate way to let some of the stuff that has been building out in the open – I was truly moved.

Whatever it is , I got totally lost in the story and that is a good thing. I wasn’t stressing about getting my facebook post done (obviously!), whether I had paid the bills or if I needed to be doing something for someone else. It was just me lost in the story that played out before me. And that’s what I encourage you to do. Take some time out to get absorbed in something and let the rest of the world wait for a while. It can be a piece of music, going to the movies, sipping on a cup of tea, swimming or painting a picture – what ever feeds your soul is a good thing to embrace and make time for.

It would be fab if we all post some pics so we can all get inspiration from one another.

If you are Melbourne, indulge yourself and go and see this piece of wonderful theatre – just watch the green cocktail, it has a bit of punch!!