Navigating stress overwhelm and the mental load 

May 28, 2024

There were many ah ha moments with a particular theme being highlighted yesterday in our navigating stress overwhelm and the mental load workshop.

Are you the helper, the fixer, the problem solver, the busy person that everyone relies on, the doors always open type person and the one that cares for everyone and is on lots of committees? This ones for you. 

There is nothing wrong with being and doing all those things but where are you in it? Is it serving you or do you become resentful because you spend so much time being available for others that it costs you – not in $ but the mental capacity, emotionally drained, feeling tired, having sickness with no time or space for you.

The conversation lead to me sharing the oldy but goodie Karpman Rescuer. Victim and Persecutor triangle where the realisation that the lack of boundaries and enabling behaviour takes a personal toll, especially on top of running a business.

I was so excited to hear that participants were going to have some real conversations about what their capacity is, challenge the idea that you have to see things through and commit fully even when it is detrimental, try and put strategies in place so that overwhelm is reduced, outsource or find hacks to simplify life, say NO even when you are capable of doing something and remembering themselves in amongst life logistics, responsibilities, running a business and doing this thing called life.

When partnering with Office for Small and Family Business in their mental health and wellbeing program I envisaged to support business owners and leaders with their experiences and help them support their staff. This conversation was real, connected and exactly what was needed for the participants – we shared, explored, and looked at what was happening and what is needed to sustain and maintain a positive and mentally well workplace . A fantastic session in the Barossa yesterday (with more to come!) with Limestone Coast and Southern Adelaide workshops in June.