More than a pile of papers

Ignite Life
May 22, 2015

Keeping it Real.

mailThis pile of papers may look like a lot of mail to you but to me its something much more.

It’s a big fat sign that something has to change and I need bit of a reality check. It’s an indicator that I have checked out a bit and am avoiding some aspects of life.

When we get busy we sometimes don’t take notice of the signs that we might be struggling. While I feel great about doing all the things I love and ok with not having it all together there seems to be a little problem here. I know its just a few letters (or a lot in this case) but there could be some important invitations, guaranteed bills that needs to be paid or some other wonderful thing that needs my attention.

It may sound a bit weird that there is a massive ‘block’ to opening my mail but it’s so not about the mail. Its actually about the avoidance and when I look around its everywhere –it like I am a little rebel and don’t want to take responsibility or maybe its just an unusual self sabotage thingy. It could be that spend so much of my life lovingly helping others that I forget about these ‘little’ things or think they are not important.

Anyway I am sitting here on a Friday night and think I am going to tackle the mail! Yep, I know – an outrageously big night!

Its so much more than opening a few envelopes and no doubt paying a few bills – its about sorting my life and the only way to do that – Start.

Here goes… maybe I should post some pics to show you what a brilliant night I have had!

I wonder what is the thing you avoid?