Making Excuses

Ignite Life
July 13, 2014

Ignite Life originally started that I would pick a song, movie, pieces of art, poem etc and chat about its theme for the week. It is funny how things develop and Ignite Life has changed and moulded with my weekly observations. So here’s the thing, last week I was supposed to an acoustic cover song each day but I failed to do this.

Why? I could make lots of excuses… I had one of those crazy busy weeks, I am trying to finish up one of my jobs, I had lots of clients, I ran a workshop, had heaps of meeting, there is lots of stuff happening in my personal life etc etc.

But I am not going to.

The truth is – for this week I had other priorities, that’s it. Yes all of the reasons above are true but I am not going to make excuses, as that means I am justifying my decision and I don’t really need to – it just is what it is.

I put enormous pressure on myself to have to do it all, and really all I need to do is cut myself some slack occasionally as I can only do what I can do. I am not a failure as a human being because I didn’t do my daily facebook posts. I don’t need to stay up til midnight every night, occasionally I just need to go to bed early, stay and have coffee with friends or sloth on the couch watching offspring to revitalise so I can tackle another day. None of us are perfect. We all drop the bundle sometimes and I think that we need to just sit back, breathe and not feel like we need to make excuses or justify our humanness. We don’t always tick all the boxes and that’s ok, it is what it is.

I wonder what we would notice if was observe ourselves this week and take notice on how many times we feel like we need to justify our position. It would be great to let things be what they are and stop the ‘shoulds’ and ‘buts’ in our vocab. I hope that it makes life a lot less complicated so that we can get on with it rather than feeling bad about what we are not doing. Just letting things be and moving forward rather than seeing ourselves as something less than and staying stuck in the ‘oh but….”

What do you think about excuse making?

I would love to hear what you notice about this during the week


Have a good letting it be week!