Love in Action

Professional Development
November 1, 2023

From the moment I walked near the venue I knew that something incredible was going to happen and welcomed we were. It is very hard to capture the essence, learnings, philosophies, connections beyond and within ourselves at Compassion Revolution in Melbourne last week.

A deep knowing has still been rumbling and I cannot thank Mary Freer and team enough for curating such a warm, hearfelt, creative and soulful immersion into compassion, self and how to be present in the world.

Some things that stood out that made this event super engaging and immersive included

– engaging the room with the content through interaction, not only Q & A but breathing, movement, dance, music, reflection, song, creativity

– the importance connection back to the body and the felt sense

– that speaking is not the only way to connect or communicate

– reading the room is important, Mary you are a genius at this – adapting to what is needed rather than sticking to the script

– that the generosity connection, care of volunteers support is wonderful

– that the details matter in walking the talk – pronoun stickers, catering, little rituals, feeling cared for, the vibe of the room, authenticity, adapting etc

And then there is the content that was absolutely captivating!
And incredible it was – neuroscience, grief, post traumatic growth, creativity, co design, boundaries, preventing burnout, listening, healing intergenerational trauma and the most connected acknowledgement to country I have ever experienced with Queen Acknowledgements.

Thank you Mary Freer for creating something where I felt like I was coming home – you are right this was not a conference, it was is much more and I am so excited to be part of the revolution. What a gift you are.

Thanks Erin Faehrmann 🤸‍♀️ for journeying with me, especially with the unexpected!